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Which Small Café?

For some time now, we missed a plat­form on the web, a plea­sant and inspiring small section on literature, philosophy, criti­cism, chron­icles, and, hopefully, cle­ver state­ments, discourse and debate.

In other words, a kind of old- style coffee house; not for the hoi polloi but for the discerning few. So we introduce you to life at our and your vir­tual Small Café, serving a little distraction from the daily grind, among other things.

A Small Café, some tables in a friendly atmos­phere, corners and niches for quiet conver­sa­tions or reading, engaging and likeable people. A bar and a fireplace for the cold months. No cell­phones, no laptops.

And, what's important on war­mer days, some tables outside in the sun (or shade) of the day or in the candlelight of the evening and night.

New patrons are always wel­come and the café's waiter will serve you with pleasure: "Enjoy." We hope this spot will become a relaxing surprise to spend a break, some minutes over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine — to meet old and new friends.

A Small Café is offered by The Round Table Foundation (TRTF).

Invited Guests

Spring/Summer 2017

As Guest of the spring season 2017, Paolo Bianco tells a story about Peristroika and business in Saint Petersburg:
I cervelli di Deviatkino (The brains of Devyatkino).

You can read the introductory paragraphs in English or the entire story in Italian.


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Autumn/Winter 2016/2017

As Guest of the autumn season 2016, Peter A. Rinck talks about an excursion into medical history:
A Short History of the Climatic Health Resorts in the Upper Italian Lake District (Kleine Geschichte der kli­ma­ti­schen Kur­orte im Ober­ita­lieni­schen Seengebiet).

You can read it here in its entirety. The introduction and the book are in German; an English version is not available yet.


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Autumn/Winter 2015/2016

As Guest of the winter season 2015, we meet the recipient of the Pro Academia Prize 2015, Regine C. Schulz.

Her essay gives an impression of the religion of the ancient Egyptians, one of the most successful and long-lived religions of the ancient world. It is in English; a German version is available in your bookshop.


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Summer 2015

As Guest of the summer season 2015, we present Alexander von Wyttenbach and his recent book on Reason Subjugated to the Unconscious (Die Vernunft als Untertan des Unbewussten).

You can read it here in its entirety. The introduction and the book are in German; an English version is not available yet.


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